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Adult Fitness Classes

“Encouraging individuals to become their very best.”

Welcome to Black Diamond Fitness, a body positive space dedicated to helping you become your very best!  Black Diamond Fitness exists to create a place where people find community through a common desire to improve their quality of life. An environment is created that fosters health, mental and physical wellness, strength, encouragement, and positive self-esteem through top-notch training. Our Certified Personal Trainers offer strength and conditioning classes that optimize your workout to get you maximum results in a short amount of time. By participating in our group classes your body will burn fat and build more muscle than traditional exercise, and it will keep doing so long after the workout is over. We are committed to helping you attain your fitness goals no matter where you are in the process. While our classes are open to all levels of fitness, beginner and intermediate participants are strongly encouraged to enroll.

  • Takes individuals to their next level through fitness conditioning
  • Healthy lifestyle development
  • Fun, challenging workouts for both youth and adults
  • Develops a healthier generation of individuals

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

  • Motivation-Instructors and peers encourage you to do your best
  • Structure- Our personal trainers teach proper form and movement to prevent injury
  • Variety- Each class is different, getting results in a fun and different way each time
  • Socialize- Meet people and make friends who have similar interests
  • Accountability- Friends, as well as instructors, help keep you accountable to the class and to your goals
  • Feel Less Intimidated-A safe and encouraging space where all levels are welcome
  • Increased energy- Have the stamina to get through the day without feeling tired or drained
  • Weight loss- Studies show that circuit training results in higher post metabolic rates as well as increasing strength levels
  • It’s Fun.

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