Black Diamond All-Stars is a premier cheer and tumbling facility. We offer competitive and recreational cheer teams for athletes ages 3 and up. There is a place for any ability level with the Black Diamond All-Stars.

All Star Cheer Sign Ups

Confident, Courageous, Compassionate Champions

You desire for your child to live with the confidence and courage of a champion.  We are extremely passionate about creating experiences, through the sport of cheerleading, which will help your child live with greater confidence, courage and compassion.  Here are four ways cheerleading can help your child become a life-long champion.

  • Your child will learn the importance of individual best and teamwork.  Our teams are great because each athlete learns to have confidence in their unique strengths and appreciate the strengths of their teammates.
  • Your child will be celebrated for their achievements.  We have so many different types of special celebrations for our athletes that reinforce traits that will help them experience life-long success.  We celebrate character traits, skill development, hard work, team unity and personal achievements to make sure each athlete has the confidence of a champion.
  • Your child will be encouraged to dream big dreams.  We help them realize that their dreams can become a reality with hard work, commitment and confidence.  We have various programs that teach our athletes to set and achieve goals.  The smiles of confidence on our athletes’ faces are inspiring.
  • Your child will learn to face challenges with confidence, poise and composure.  As a result of performing their high performance routines in front of hundreds of people, our athletes learn face everyday situations with ease, grace and confidence.

All Star Cheer

All Star Cheer is for cheerleaders who want to be part of a cheer team that performs exciting routines in a competition setting.  We have teams for athletes ages 4 to 18 years old and all ability types.

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Recreational Cheer

Recreational cheer is a great option for those who want to experience the benefits of cheerleading.  Our progressive level curriculum will help your child learn cheer skills in a fun and achievement based way.

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