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Gymnastics is one of the best activities for your child. Yes, we admit we are biased. Gymnastics helps so many aspects of your child’s development from flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, motor skills, spacial awareness, brain functioning, self-esteem and confidence.

One of the other benefits is the joy you, as a parent, will experience while watching your child learn to cartwheel, tumble and jump with confidence. Do you remember the feeling you had doing your first cartwheel?  The cartwheel is a very special skill to accomplish, almost a rite of passage in childhood, but as you know your child’s cartwheel reveals to you so much more than a gymnastics skill. A cartwheel represents your child’s confidence, strength and self-esteem positively increasing. This is why we are passionate about creating cartwheel moments for you and your child.

All of our gymnastics classes are designed to teach proper gymnastics technique and encourage each student to achieve their personal best in a fun and positive learning atmosphere. Students experience will be to learn to set goals, successfully achieve those goals, and gain healthy self-confidence in return, which can be carried over into any situation in life.

What questions should you ask when choosing a gymnastics facility?
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