Gymnastics inspires a love for learning and movement.  Our exciting preschool classes are designed to develop a child’s motor skills and learning behaviors. Child development experts report that during the preschool years it is crucial for a child to develop a love for learning. Our classes focus on teaching children to love learning through gymnastics and motor movements. We strongly believe that preschool gymnastics prepares children for successful learning in school. So let’s have fun, building positive learning attitudes.

Free Trial Class

We would love to help you find the best class for your child by offering you a free trial class.  Please complete the form below and someone from our team will connect with you.

Star Books

Our Star Book is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of skills in a safe and fun way. Students will receive a book at the beginning of enrollment. The Star Book includes all levels so our students can see their progress through out their gymnastics career. When the skills have been successfully completed our teachers will mark the completed skill and give them a skill ribbon. Once the student has completed all the skills in each level they will take a picture with that level’s instructor to put in their book and move on to the next level as well as a certificate and medal. The instructors also recognize when they show character traits with character cards which can be turned in to customer service for a prize! We work hard at providing our students opportunities to be challenged as well as experience success.

Tiny 2’s

2 years old

This class is your child’s first experience to be in a class without a parent. The primary objectives for this class are following the teacher’s instructions, taking turns, and playing well with others within the gymnastics setting. This class develops the skills featured in the parent participation classes but without the help of the parents.


3 to 5 years old

This class is for preschoolers ready to experience a class “on their own”. Activities include basic tumbling, bars, trampoline, and beam, as well as social skill development. Students work through a wide variety of stations, but the focus is on developing coordination, agility, muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and motor skills. Our classes use educational themes to prepare children to school. Every student receives a star book to take home and track their accomplishments and successes. Students love to get their stars!

  • Class Duration: 45 minutes
  • For best results we recommend 2 classes per week

Hot Tots

4 to 5 years old

1 hour intermediate preschool class focusing on advance skills. Students will have the opportunity to perform at special events (non-competitive). Students must be a level 3 or recommended by their teacher to enroll in this class.

Mom’s Groups

Does your mom’s group need a fun activity that your kids will love?  We offer times for your mom’s group to come and play for 45 minutes. These groups are for children ages 1 to 5 years old. For the safety of the younger children, we ask that 6 years and older not come into the activity area during the play time.

Preschool Visits

Our preschool visits are an introduction to gymnastics either on site or off-site. At our gymnastics facility we offer a structured learning environment where the children are able to explore the bars, beam, foam pit and vault along with tumbling on the floor led by one of our many qualified instructors.  When our qualified instructors visit your location they will bring equipment that will introduce your students to the bars, beam, vault, floor and trampoline, all in the comfort of your facility for an exciting physical learning adventure. All instructors are fingerprinted and background checked through the FBI database. Our instructors are also trained and registered through the USA Gymnastics Organization.

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Free Trial Class

We would love to help you find the best class for your child by offering you a free trial class.  Please complete the form below and someone from our team will connect with you.