Our gymnastics classes for kindergartners through high schoolers are designed to teach correct technique and encourage each student to achieve their personal best in a fun and positive learning atmosphere. Experts agree that gymnastics provides children with both physical benefits and mental benefits. Some of the physical benefits students may receive from these classes are the building of coordination and balance, the increasing of flexibility and kinesthetic awareness, and the strengthening of muscles. The mental benefits students experience will be to learn to set goals, successfully achieve those goals, and gain healthy self-confidence in return, which can be carried over into any situation in life.

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School Age Schedules

Star Charts

The star chart is an essential component to our students learning and success. It outlines all six level of skills gymnasts will learn in their classes. The star chart is designed to provide an achievement-oriented program of skills in a safe and fun way. There are specific learning progressions that gymnasts should be taught to ensure they learn proper technique. When you enroll your child will get a star chart to take home and hang up so they can track their learning and celebrate their progress. At the end of each month, your child will receive a list of skills they completed.  When you get home they can mark these completed skills off on their chart. You and your child will love to look at their star chart to celebrate their achievements. Once the student has completed all the skills in the level, they will pass onto the next level and begin mastering a new set of skills.


Skill Ribbons

Every time a student learns a new skill they will ring our Celebratory bell. The entire gym stops as the teacher announces the child’s name and the skill that they mastered that day. After the child rings the bell and has been announced, they perform the skill in front of everyone in the gym. Directly after class the child receives a ribbon with their name, date, and skill they mastered that day.

Level Passing

When a student passes a level, at the end of class they ring our celebratory bell. Their instructor announces their name and the level they have completed. Directly following the announcement the student and instructor take a picture. The picture is taken wherever the student would like. The following week the picture is given to the student and another copy is hung up on our wall for everyone to see as well as a passing certificate.

Free Trial Class

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