Learning to roll, flip, twist and cartwheel is so exciting and foundational to using the full potential of your body in all sports. Tumbling is especially important  for the sport of cheerleading.  So if you want to cheer you will want to become a great tumbler. No matter what tumbling skill an athlete wants to learn, back handspring, round-off back handspring, tucks, layouts or twisting layouts, we have the class for it. Our classes and curriculum are designed to get you the results you want. Classes are organized by age and ability level which is essential to ensure an athlete succeeds. Our tumbling facility has all the equipment you need to reach the next level in your tumbling. Our tumbling instructors are trained cheer and gymnastics coaches, so they know all the essential elements needed to teach and learn difficult tumbling skills.

What questions should you ask when choosing a tumbling program?

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Star Charts

The star chart is an essential component to our students learning and success. The star chart is designed to help our students learn the proper progression of skills.   You and your child will love to look at their star chart to celebrate their progress and achievements.  Once the student has completed all the skills in the level, they will then move on to the next level and begin mastering a new set of skills.

Tumbling Clinics

Tumbling Clinics are specialized times for tumblers to work on specific skills, such as back handsprings or tucks. These clinics are designed to help tumblers reach the next level in their tumbling ability. Tumbling Clinics are scheduled during school breaks and vacations.

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