cheerleader6Our cheerleading classes are for any child 3 years of age or older. This is an incredible experience for kids to make new friends, to be a part of a team activity and to learn valuable life skills as an individual and team member. You can sign your child up for our classes anytime during the year. Whether your child is new to cheer or is interested in gaining experience to later tryout for our Competitive All Star Teams, Black Diamond Cheer is the positive place for cheerleading. Come join our cheer family!

Cheer 101 Class

These classes teach boys and girls the basics of cheer and excite a passion for cheer. Students will learn basic motions, tumbling, jumps, dance moves and basic stunting. They will also spend time learning to tumble, cartwheels, handstands, back bend and back handsprings. Our curriculum teaches the importance of team work and individual dedication. This class is also a great learning opportunity for students interested in All Star cheer.

Flyers Class

Advanced stretching, core strength for balance and flying technique.

Recreational Prep Team

The prep team is similar to all-star cheer but has less of a commitment.  Prep team will learn a two minute routine (All Star Cheer is 2.5 minutes)  that will be performed at 2 local showcases as well as a couple regional competitions.  Unlike the all-star team this is an entry level competitive team.   The uniform will cost will  be around $100 and competition fee’s will be low since they are only committing to two showcases and only a couple competitions.  This is a great way for athletes to be on a competitive team with less time and financial commitment.

Like All Star Cheer the prep team routine will consist of standing and running tumbling, stunting, pyramid, jumps and a dance section!  This is an entry level team.